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This microphone kit is made for film or TV production where the microphone needs to be invisible.The kit contains a d:screet™ SC4071 Miniature Microphone with our reinforced cable relief (pre-equalized for speech clarity) and various microphone concealment fixtures, specially designed to solve both hiding and clothing noise problems.It is possible to use the SC4071 with most professional wireless system. The kit is delivered in a sturdy, hard case with a transparent lid leaving room for the connection adapter.
What is in the box
The DPA FMK-SC4071 Film Microphone Kit contains:1 x SC4071 Omnidirectional Mic, Presence Boost 10 x ADH0002 Double-sided Tape for Miniature Microphones Concealer1 x ADH0004 Double-sided Mic Tape, 10 pcs.1 x DMM0009 Miniature Concealer for 40711 x DUA0571 Windjammer for 4071, Grey Fur1 x DUA0572 Miniature Mesh for 4071
The FMK-SC4071 kit is still available with the original d:screet™ 4071 Miniature Mics without the reinforced cable relief upon request.