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  • The HANABI, V6 HVS-2K EngineThe new HVS-2K engine is a powerful 6 Video M/E machine and a game changer in today’s video production switchers. Now with the power in our new HVS-2K technology, the V6MU engine can be used in a variety of applications.• Up stream transition effects• Down stream transition effects• Add the pure power of 6 real M/E’s for multiple independent on stage monitor display control…each with mixes, wipes, keys, DVE including preview control. Users of the new HANABI will win the video production race with its high-quality, efficiency, easy operation system.
    Main features
    6 M/E capability: 2 M/E + UNIQUE 4 MELite™ with FLEXaKEY™ architecture
    24 in/18 out standard. Up to 48 in/18 out or 40 in/22 out (optional)
    6 I/O expansion slots: HVS-100 series optional cards can be installed
    PGM, PVW and 2 CLEAN outputs per M/E
    Multi format: HD/SD/HDMI/Analog/VGA (optional)
    3G/4K Ready (S/W option)
    4 x Keyers per M/E, and 4 x FLEXaKEYs™ (assignable to DSK, M/E or AUX) Up to 6 keyers to M/E1, up to 8 keyers to M/E2, and up to 4 keyers to AUX are assignable
    8x 2.5D DVE plus 4x 3D DVE (3D DVE is optional)
    18 Auxiliary buses (2 HDMI, 12 AUX transition, 6 MELite™ function)
    Control panel with RGB color buttons and 7-inch touch panel GUI
    4 Multi viewers (standard: 2, up to 64 windows)
    All inputs have FS with Still image store and capture
    4 Still/Clip media player. Image store is 4 channel, with access to pool of 900 frames/ 30 seconds¡ of on line clip playback
    Chroma keyers + 2 Advanced Chroma Keyers (optional)
    Easy operation with Midas Touch™: ONStage™ mode for stage and multiscreen application
    Other features
    Powerful quad FLEXaKEY™ allows the operator to place keyers in practical areas of the switcher:
    Add keys to traditional M/E resources to provide more graphic layers
    Add keys to AUX and multiply additional M/E’s (MELite™)
    Can also expand and multiply AUX bus transitions
    The HVS-2000 V6 engine is the only system that offers this kind of pure power and user flexibility.
    This powerful, distinguishing and core feature allows a traditional AUX bus to transform into a full functional M/E with cuts, mixes, wipes, keys all with preview (MELite™). The MELite is the building block to a real full function 6M/E switcher and can be assigned upstream or downstream to the main mix effects. Also, MELite™ allows to configure 3 M/E switcher which provides independent output with transition function to display sources on back monitors in the studio.
    ONStage™ is an extremely powerful capability, exclusive to FOR-A! With ONStage™ mode and our agile MELite™, operators can now preview the MELite™ before mix, wipe and keying. In addition, operators can assign multiple MELites so the operator has delegable manual lever arm transition control and assign keyer functions. With MELite™ and ONStage™ any staging venue can operate a main center Program display and operate multiple independent Image Magnification displays. Never before has this sort of power and creativity been offered to video professionals.
    P-MEM™ is capable of memorizing and recalling full switcher set-up or series of operations on M/E, MELite™ and AUX. P-MEM™ can be used with macro functions and operators only need to push one button to perform complex series of events.
    Midas Touch™
    A New menu system that can be used for easy configuration changes and easy full system control. Operators will feel they are finding gold every time they make menu changes.