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  • The AJA Ki Pro Rack is a tapeless, file-based video recorder that captures and records in ready-to-edit ProRes and DNxHD codecs, in 10-bit 4:2:2 full-raster files, and onto HDD or SSD storage modules (sold separately). 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth provides superior dynamic range, original picture representation, and flexibility in adjusting color and balance in post. Two slots are available for the storage modules. Ki Pro features RS-422 control for integrating with editing systems, external controllers, and with tape decks (to capture tape-based media as ProRes). Also by RS-422, assemble edits can be sent direct to storage modules, often faster than rendering to ProRes or DNxHD. The panel controls are for the most part identical to those of tape decks. The display screen and operating system work hand-in-hand to facilitate full configuration without any connection to a separate computer: all information is displayed clearly on the screen and the OS control menu is a fast and flat one. The set of connections is diverse and includes video and audio ports that are the same kind as those of tape decks. Accordingly, the Ki Pro is compatible with the cabling and routing systems used with tape decks. Also available is an Ethernet port by which files can be transferred (minimizing the need for staff involvement and allowing better employment of staff). Up/down/cross conversion can be performed right inside the hardware, both during recording or playback. A second device won’t be needed for conversions. As for remote control, the Ki Pro can be fully configured and controlled via a web browser per an IP address assignment. Multiple Ki Pro Racks can be networked together for control over a single interface.
    Multi Function Video Recorder
    File-Based 10-bit 4:2:2 full-raster video recorder
    Captures in “ready-to-edit” ProRes and DNxHD files
    Records direct onto optional HDD/SSD storage modules
    Internal up/down/cross conversion during recording/playback
    Control Options
    Panel controls are about identical to those of tape decks
    Full configuration via display screen and OS flat control menu
    RS-422 integration with editing systems / controllers / tape decks
    Assemble edits can be sent directly to storage modules over RS-422
    Control and configuration can fully be remote via web per an assigned IP
    Multiple Ki Pro Racks can be networked together for control over a single interface
    Video Input
    Digital: SD/HD-SDI x2: (1 channel, selectable input / SMPTE-259/292/296) HDMI x1 Analog: SD/HD component x3 BNCs: (SMPTE/EBU N10, Betacam 525 line, Betacam 525J, YPbPr 12-bit A/D, 2x oversampling)
    Video Output
    Digital: SD/HD-SDI x1: (SMPTE-259/292/296) HDMI x1 Analog: Composite x1 BNC: (NTSC, NTSCJ, PAL 12-bit D/A, 8x oversampling) SD/HD component x3 BNCs: (SD: SMPTE/EBU N10, Betacam 525 line, Betacam 525J, RGB 12-bit D/A, 8x oversampling) (HD: YPbPr, RGB 12-bit D/A, 2x oversampling) (all video outputs are simultaneously active)
    Audio Input
    Digital: 24-bit, 8-channel AES x4 BNCs (48kHz) 24-bit, 8-channel SDI-embedded (48kHz) 2-channel HDMI-embedded Analog: 24-bit 2-channel balanced A/D XLR x2 (48kHz) Input level: line
    Audio Output
    Digital: 24-bit, 8-channel AES x4 BNCs (48kHz) 24-bit, 8-channel SDI-embedded (48kHz) 2-channel HDMI-embedded Analog: 24-bit 2-channel balanced D/A x2 XLR (48kHz)
    10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45) Embedded web server for remote control
    User Interface
    2 x 20 character display panel, with dedicated buttons
    LTC timecode input and output via SDI-embedded RP188 timecode On-screen timecode display on SDI 2 output
    Serial Port
    RS-422 (slave pinout) / 9-pin (available beginning with version 2.0 firmware) Connector pinout: 1 GND 2 TX – 3 RX + 4 GND 5 No Connection 6 GND 7 TX + 8 RX – 9 GND Shell GND
    10-bit hardware up-conversion: Anamorphic: full-screen Pillar box 4:3 — results in a 4:3 image in center of screen with black sidebars Zoom 14:9 — results in a 4:3 image zoomed slightly to fill a 14:9 image with black sidebars Zoom letterbox: image zoomed to fill screen Zoom wide: combination of zoom and horizontal stretch to fill 16:9 screen; this setting can introduce a small aspect ratio change 10-bit hardware down-conversion: Anamorphic: full-screen Letterbox: image is reduced with black top and bottom added to image area with the aspect ratio preserved Crop: image is cropped to fit new screen size 10-bit hardware cross-conversion: 1080i to 720p 720p to 1080i
    Storage Module Drive Bays
    2 (each with eject button and select LED)
    Voltage: 100-240 VAC Typical operating power: 40W
    Operating temperature: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C) Safe storage temperature (with power off): -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
    Rack Height
    1.75 x 19 x 12.5″ (4.45 x 48.26 x 31.75 cm) (12.5″ depth spans from the front panel to the back of the deepest connector)