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VRCAM, FOR-A’s sensor-less virtual studio system enabling a virtual studio using a one-man-operated, no-cameraman environment, has been updated to the VRCAM2 with even more advanced features. The VRCAM2 system includes expanded camera positions, sensored cameras, and a host of other useful additional functions for program production. Basic configuration – PC: Z800 (Hewlett-Packard) or equivalent product – Graphics card: FX5800 (NVIDIA) or equivalent product – CG processor: MBP-1244 (FOR-A), Chroma keyer: MBP-12CK (FOR-A) – VRCAM2 software (VRCAM2 Proc, VRCAM2 Cont) – Brainstorm eStudio license (Selectable from Engine Save, Desktop, and Global)